Objectives and Goals

Currently comprehensive study and decision process is left on the berms of single or a few experts and structure management. Facilitating, speeding up and lowering cost of management, decision process and planning process can be done by documenting the structure history (status, problems, maintenance and construction works), structure inspection, monitoring, maintenance, studies and PoA. All this could be achieved by developing new methodology and approach which will use the newest ICT technologies, computer models and monitoring equipment. The proposed system should provide infrastructure management and staff all needed information for management, decision, maintenance and mitigation in one place and at any time.

  • Updated multi-level prioritization list of all structures (bridges) with descriptive statistics
  • General information about the single structure (name and ID, railway line, location, structure type, year of construction, directions how to get to the structure location, etc.)
  • Priority and current status (recommendations and in case of installed monitoring systems real time data from monitoring equipment)
  • Proposed short and mid term works and maintenance
  • Easy access to all documents about the structure history and future plans (bridge inspections, comments, reports, pictures, maintenance, construction works, etc)

BRIDGE SMS Main objectives:

  • Document the structure history of bridges(status, problems, maintenance and construction works).
  • Developing a new methodology and approach which will use innovative ICT technologies, computer models and monitoring equipment.
  • Provide appropriate information for management, decision making, maintenance and mitigation in one place and at any time and any place.

BRIDGE SMS Key goals

  • To develop standardised methods for bridge scour inspection.
  • To develop standards for bridge assessment and management.
  • To calculate the risk of and manages the potential effects of flood events.
  • To develop a database framework which is designed for intuitive use, encouraging participation by personnel at all levels within management authorities
  • To develop a system that
    • collects integrates and processes real-time data at regular intervals from weather and hydrologic sources, meters and gauges, and other sensing devices.
    • will rapidly notify based on in-built intelligence and decision-making processes, relevant personnel of possible maintenance and failure issues.
    • will advise in relation to current Scour Risk at bridge structures and prompt an appropriate Plan of Action (POA) which may involve various levels of maintenance and repair.
    • which will prioritize and optimize the operational and maintenance budget spend for infrastructure companies.
  • Maximum use of new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware such as tablets and cloud-based systems for on-site rapid communications, data collection and analysis.